Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sleeveless Blazers

Spring is just around the corner and I think I'm so ready for it!

I'm just ready to divulge into all the cutest spring fashions and style, I'm actually ready to experiment this year too. I'm all about making my own style right now, and I'm exploring tons of new options and I think I'm ready to test out the waters.
One of the styles I think I wanted to test with is Sleeveless Blazers!

There's something really casual and sexy about sleeveless Blazers, they add the right amount of "dressed up" but keeping the look casual and tied together.

 I definitely have no plans on wearing anything colorful and crazy because that's just not my style and although I am trying to find new styles I just dont think statement blazers are it.

If you're like me, skip the questionable colors because unless youre a true fashionista or stylist, I don't think its worth testing with.

I recently purchased a super cute piece from Forever21 which wasn't expensive, and was exactly what I had wanted. It's a simple white blazer that I can pair with some leggings and cute tanks.

Have you tried the Sleeveless Blazers? If Not, Are you Planning on Trying them? How would you Pair them?

Sound off in the comment section!