Saturday, February 16, 2013

My diary- February 15-16
I went out to have some drinks with my friends last night, and OH MY GOD! What a horrible mess, I realize girls are so catty and so fucked up when they get a little liquor in their system, or they are insecure about themselves.
I wokeup today looking back and thinking WOW what a bunch of shit, I just don't think I get along with girls, and I think I should giveup on making girlfriends, even though I'm super girly! I think it's better if I make friends with anonymous readers like yourselves then a bunch of fake girls.
One of them is just super insecure about me being around her boyfriend, while the other just got herself involved in for no reason. I think I'm better off not being friends with them, I'm not even interested in making new friends, I'm okay with the very small limited amount of friends i have now.

Anyone else been through something similar?