Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Liam+Miley Drama


- Reports came out that Liam is not feeling her look..WE CALLED IT GUYS
- Liam is in Australia , staying away from Miles seems like the best thing
- Miley is extremely immature if shes trying to put him on blast
- If he cheated, he should have called it quits
- Miley is just NOT his type


 Spotted..Miley Cyrus without her engagement ring..its so over

Miley Cyrus has been at the top of her game ever since Hannah Montana, everything she does makes headlines, whether its rocking short shorts, etchings on her body or hairstyle.

Miley has been very public about her relationship with The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth, who's working on making his own mark in Hollywood. But unlike older brother Chris Hemsworth, we feel Liam simply is using Miley for the fame.
Hes never looking at her the way she looks at him, which is kind of sad. She looks so genuinely in love

The body language just doesn't look right, she shouldn't be trailing behind him.
I don't think Liam ever really speaks about Miley the way she speaks about him, she praises and supports him all the way, and with the recent looming of cheating and breakup rumors, I think it has a lot to do with Liam breaking away from poor Miles, because shes a little too attached to him, and There's only so much fame he can get and now its just dead sea.

Holding hands does NOT equal Chemistry
Miley has also plopped in the Looks department, although the cutie always looked cute, her new hair do and weird ghetto-ish antics make her seem a lot less classy and her natural beauty out the door..

So why should Miley call off her Wedding to Liam?
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are pretty young, and Hollywood makes it hard for even the strong couples to last..Look at Heidi Klum and Seal or Sandra Bullock and the loser that cheated on her.

Miley got too involved with Liam, and although she loves him and doesn't want to loose him, I think Miley is loosing herself just a little. I could be wrong, she could be finding what she's really like now, and Liam is just not up for it. I think She also is mesmerized by the way he looks, and thats a big reason why shes so in love with him. There's a lot of attraction!

Its easy to say how quickly Miley Cyrus has changed, I use to love her style and she was starting to look really feminine and sexy, but now days she looks repugnant.

Even with Rock Hard Abs, Miley Cyrus just looks bottom of the barrel-ish.

I think this is the Best Miley Cyrus has EVER looked. She looks absolutely STUNNING
Here she looks much better, just the right amount of edge and she looks happy.

Look at his alleged hookup January Jones or Emma Watson

Both women are absolutely different from Miley.