Monday, April 29, 2013

1 step to Healthy sexy Long thick lashes

Hey guys, So i've found a miracle cure for SEXY shinny luscious gorgeous and Healthy lashes.
It's as simple as COCONUT OIL!
thats it!

A lot of people say Vaseline is the way to go, but It's really not good for you. It clogs the pores and gives you stye. Everytime i use vaseline on my lashes i got a No!

Here's the 411

Take some coconut oil and simply just apply it to your lashes. from ROOT to TIP.
Do this at night, so you can simply just go to bed.

Wake up and wash your face and thats it :)

For extra care..apply some pure organic Aloe Gel on top of your lashes, to really moisturize and seal in the oil. :)  use a clean mascara wand! Make sure you don't get it into your eyes..IT BURNS!

You can also use this on your eye brows..:)