Thursday, June 13, 2013

V.S model Makeup Trick

Everyone wants to know what is the Secret behind Victoria's Secret Makeup!

There are at least 2 thousand Youtube tutorials trying to imitate the look, but they just never quite get it right. Well ladies I'm here to give you the one ingredient, that will blow your mind.

It's the simplest thing, yet no body has ever thought about it.

Victoria's Secret makeup artist base the gorgeous girls look on ; *Drum Roll* THE MODELS

Yes It's just that simple.
They don't have a set look, they simply have a style such as Natural with lots of contour/highlights.

Look at each of the models, they all have different makeup. The middle model has pinker eye shadow, while the one on the right has brown eye shadow.
It's all about individual beauty, its about making the girls look 100x better version of themselves.
The makeup artist work a more natural but with a glamor touch, they add sexy individual lashes, some black mascara and lots of highlight to give them the angelic glow.

 Here are some of my tips:
  • Highlight is EVERYTHING to the angels, because you can't be an angel without a heavenly glow.Use a highlighter that works for your undertone.. Warm go for Gold / Cool go for Pink
  • Lips are never overpowering and dark...Always go for a color close to your natural lip color, just slightly pinker..dab a little pink/clear gloss or balm over it. 
  • Lashes are EVERYTHING..but go for individual, they look more natural, and you can wear TONS without looking like a porcupine

  • BRONZER...An angel wouldn't be caught dead without a sun kissed tan or a gorgeous glow. Even if you're on the darker side, you have to use a nice tan, it will bring that glow to you.
  • Fill in your brows, but be one goes for Oscar the Grouch look in the show.
  • Go easy on the Foundation, go for a Sheer-medium coverage one like Nars Sheer Glow or Maybelline Fit me
  • Make use of a concealer, as that will help you use less foundation and cover your imperfections.

  • Perfect your liner, you want to make sure you're not winging it too much if your eyes are not suitable for it. My eyes are HORRIBLE with winged liner, so I stop right at the end.
  • Pick a shade of eye shadow that is neutral and complimenting your eye color and skin. 

Here are some of the models, rocking out their own individual makeup looks;