Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amanda Bynes sister Jillian Bynes Speaks

Hey guys, with everything going on in the media about Amanda Bynes, I wanted to share some stuff I found online. I LOVEEEEE Amanda Bynes, she is one of my favorite actresses, shes smart and funny and shes beautiful. I always thought Amanda was really different, and i love that she was very down to earth. I wanted to share some stuff I found from her sister Jillian Bynes' twitter.


  1. thanks babe you are the greatest!! Now I need to get some sleep! Long day ahead!
  2. How do you get verified on twitter?
  3. I need a drink, today has been one of the worst so far but it can only get better from here.
  4. mysis@amandabynes having a horrible day I showed her your vines, and now she is laughing her butt off Thx for the smiles!!
  5. I do not have a FB account but thank you for your concerns.
  6. fake account! People these days! That's why I stay away from social networks.
  7. Today will be productive getting things ready we are sadden that Amanda can't make it, but I'm ready to spend time with family
  8. get help amanda! Why won't you talk to us! We want to help And it's sad.
  9. you need to stop! I'm sure by now you know she is ill. You are a great man.
  10. I feel the need to apologize for Amanda behavior I don't know what to do anymore. We r so close and this all happened so fast
  11. really? You need to get some help and don't drag me down with your mental issues
  12. It's funny how you hear on tmz your sister is calling you ugly? I don't use twitter, Amanda you have got to get help we love you