Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fantasy Bra 2013

Update: SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE..As you all know Victoria's Secret revealed that the 10 million dollar Royal Fantasy Bra will be worn by Candice Swanepoel..Congrats Candice!

Every year the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show rolls around, everyone is eager to learn the list of hotties that are walking the coveted runway, and who will be donning it covered in Diamonds and Jewels.
This year is no different!

Victoria's Secret has been coy about releasing the identity of this mystery babe. Since only the Angels wear the gorgeous bra, I wanted to create a post with my Opinion regarding who has a good chance and my choice.

Adriana Lima- Shes worn the bra twice already, but since these are going to be Miss.Lima's last few years with the brand, I think she's a pretty good candidate.

Karlie Kloss-
Lets just say the poor girl doesn't have a chance, fans will go ballistic.

Candice Swanepoel-
This woman is absolutely stunning, every inch of her screams ANGEL. She's Victoria's Secret new "It" girl and for good reason. She's VS true Cinderella story and deserves to be the Belle of the Annual ball. She's my favorite Angel along with Lima.

Doutzen Kroes-
Another gorgeous lady that deserves the Bra this year, she's V.S sexy veteran but has been underrated up until recently when she became an official Angel. Doutzen's shinny resume and fan base supports her 100% for the sexy bra. She's my second choice :)

Lindsay Ellingson-
Although a beautiful girl, she's not a favorite angel so her chances are pretty low.

Erin Heatherton-
I think Erin is absolutely stunning, and although a great contender she doesn't have a chance. Victoria's Secret announced the list of 2013 angels and Miss Heatherton is not one of them. I just hope she's not fired, she's a great V.S model. 

Alessandra Ambrosio-
This sexy siren took forever to don the bra but she finally did last I'm pretty sure V.S wont let her have it for two consecutive years. 

Behati Prinsloo-
Although Behati is not necessarily the most loved Angel, she definitely has been getting lots of attention ever since she got engaged to Adam Levine. You know Victoria's Secret is all about milking it, so who knows maybe Behati will be the one to get it.