Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sexy Sleepwear

Kim KardashianAfter seeing a picture of Miss.Kim Kardashian in her barely there ensemble matched with pearls, it inspired me to do a sleep wear post!

It's hard to find Jammies that are sexy and appropriate, because we all can't sleep nude or glammed like Kim.

Simple yet uber cute!

Opt for comfy tanktops with soft fabric full length pjs.  I fell in love with OVERLY baggy bottons with a fitted tanktops, since I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rocking them on "So Little time"

Here's a clip of them in the from So little time

 Switch with a pair of shorts!!

Kourtney Kardashian shows romper can be worn at night time too, since they are breezy and comfy.

They are even appealing for your sexy sleepovers!

There's something very Old school about a nighty, its silky smooth textures and jaw dropping sexiness and freedom of movement is just amazing. If you feel like a sex symbol wearing it, you should wear it!