Monday, September 24, 2012

Healthy Hairstyles

I need to start taking better care of my hair, but thats harder than anything when you wanna look glam. So I'm putting together a bunch of gorgeous hairstyles that are healthy.

Side Fishtail braids are so cute and chi, opt for a messy braid instead of a tight polished look, and just straighten the bangs.

Pony tails are also great for 2nd/3rd day hair, so do your choice of pony tail, and use a teasing brush on the crown to add some texture, and use a few rollers (velcro) in the pony tail. Spray a few strands (2inches) with a mix of aloe and water and put in your velcro and dry with your dryer on cool or medium heat setting or air dry. and style your bands with finger girls or a heat tool.

Twist your hair on sides and pin it! Don't forget to leave your hair natural.

clipping for hair with a jaw clip and spraying on a shine spray is just enough to tame and enjoy a comfy hairstyle.