Friday, September 28, 2012

Healthy Lashes

Get your Healthiest Lashes


Natural Lash Treatments
  1. Apply Vaseline moisturize dry and brittle lashes
  2. Honey is a great clear mascara, you can always mix it with some black loose eye shadow
  3. Use Surma (Google Surma to learn what it is..I own one and It really does help with lash growth)
  4. Use Olive Oil or Castor Oil every night before bed to strip the lashes of chemicals and impurities. Mix it with lemon peel for some extra boost to your daily oil mixture!
  5. Trim your lashes! I know crazy right, but it does help!  BUT only consider trimming the very tips of the eyelashes. By trimming the lashes, their follicles will be stimulated to grow the lashes back
  6. Massage your eye area gently with a warm wash cloth to open pores and stimulate blood flow

Have a Mascara Free day - this helps give your lashes a much needed break from chemicals
Wear Mascara only on 1/2 of your lashes, skip the root and use your favorite blackest black pencil liner on the upper waterline to fill in the spaces between your lashes and make them look fuller. Use a card to ensure you only get half.
Always wear Mascara with a LASH Primer (good quality)
Get a good quality Mascara or try the Physicians Formula Organic Wear.
DIY MASCARA: take a few drops of honey, and mix some loose black eye shadow and use a mascara wand and apply to your eyes. *you can also use JUST honey for everyday and wash it off with warm water*

Master false lashes, you will never have to rely on mascara.
Be careful with the glue, cause it can get stuck on your lashes, and it becomes such a hassle to remove.
Consider Lash Extensions, but only trust a reputable company and always go in for a consultation, and ask what products they use. *it has been reported lash extensions do hurt when they fall out*