Sunday, September 9, 2012

Style Steals - Teen Queens past-present

Try Kaley Cuoco's sexy razor cut front bangs, for a edgy change that anyone could use.

Skip the harsh dyes, and opt for clip in extensions for a quick change in color.
Try the Olsen Twins sexy textured pony tails, by curling your hair from the top and trying it in a pony tail, then use your straightener to straighten out your pony tail.

Create a magical look, by using a simple clip and some clever partitioning to get this cute school friendly look

If you're into skirts at school, pair them with casual screened tanktops for a well fitted look without over doing it. Skip the heels and opt for comfy ballet flats.

Raise Your Voice
Raise your style with comfy khakis and tight t-shirt or tanktops. showing an inch of midriff is sexy, anything more is trashy
Miley cyrus may be the stunning red carpet fashion icon, but she keeps it very low key when shes out and about. Skip the extras and opt for a v neck burn out t-shirt with tight yoga pants (TNA pants are great, and pair it with minimal accessories. If you're going with a necklace then skip the earrings or wear studs! Killer pair of aviators are a must