Monday, November 5, 2012

Hotties of the Month - November

Jon Bernthal
Ever since I started watching Walking Dead, I always thought Jon was a sexy ass MF.. He literally makes me wanna do the Fan hysterical panty drop. With his tall dark handsome persona and uber sexy stare, i think he deserves to be on the list. We hope they bring Jon back, even if its as a memory.

Sunny Leone
If you follow me on twitter or read my blog, you'd know my obsession with Sunny Leone. I'm addicted to this girl, she's absolutely positively GORGEOUS. With her star on the rise, We'd like to see more of Sunny on the Hollywood scene, but this Bollywood Babe has taken over India, just by showing up there. You know you're a stunner when the whole country is drooling over you. Sunny gets the well deserves sexy slot.