Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to become Popular

A lot of high school girls want to be popular, and be the center of attention. But now days, girls have been doing that the wrong way, with risque pictures and videos or straight out bullying. I was pretty popular in high school, and had a pretty okay reputation, growing up from that, I can refine my choices and provide a better guide.
Be the best version of yourself you can be
Hair: Get a haircut, add some color/highlights, Hair treatments *all natural prefered* and Gorgeous hairstyles
Makeup: Don't pack on makeup, stick to sheer/medium foundation if you MUST wear it..and neutral makeup
Skin: To have good skin, you have to have a great skin care routine, see what works for you and take care of your skin
Body: Eat Healthy and Work out

Wear fashionable don't need brand names to be a fashionista, work with accessories and styles that suit your body.

Have a vast interests, join clubs and teams..this is a great way to broaden your horizons
Make friends that are adventurous and confident, this will help boost your own confidence. Also don't just stick to a handful of friends.. be friend everybody and anybody, this will help others know you are. Also this will help people see how nice and accepting you are, and more people would want to talk to you and be your friend.
Go out with guys that are outgoing and fun. Avoid controlling close minded losers.
Don't offer up the goods, because highschool love doesn't last, and no body truly likes a hoe.
Limit what you share on Social Media...avoid compromising photos and posts, which can push you off the pedestal really quickly..
Study HARD! Being gorgeous and funny can only take you so far, you need to be able to hold a conversation and be successful. It's important to have kick ass grades!!

Have self-confidence, you can only change so much, you will NEVER look like Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr, so it's better to set realistic goals. When you're confident, theres a glow to you, that shows others " LOOK she's a happy well adjusted individual who loves herself, this is who you want to emulate"

Being a bitch is a hollywood thing, seriously by bullying someone, you're loosing a great potential friend. Be a friendly and empathetic person. Stick up for someone that is being bullied, and see how much you will be appreciated.

Stay up to date with the current music, and try to listen to all kinds of music and pay attention to Pop culture. Also it doesn't hurt to be up to date on your celeb gossip.