Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Nails

Okay so everybody is doing the Red, Greens and Golds..But Tis the season to experiment, with the cold weather and snow I think its safe to say were all rocking some sexy boots.

So take advantage of the weather, and rock out some edgy/daring colors!

There's something extremely calming about soft matte colors, and skip the ornament silver, and opt for this sexy mute grey

Matte Colors are so sexy this season, you'll want to flash your fingers all the time.

I think branded nails are super tacky, but you may want to consider that color combination, you can do it in a moon shape, ombre or a simple design.

If I had nails like that, I would keep my outfit very simple, like all black with nails and gold shoes..

Get Ornament style sexy, with this easy to do nail design.
Much more complicated but very eye catching

This is such a classic style, go for a clear nail polish with sexy glitter dipped Festive.. you can do that in just about ANY color..i recomment you mix gold and another color.