Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SEXY New Years Hair

Gisele's soft straight tresses with a voluminous twist is a great way to amp up boring old straight hair.. Add a sexy shine spray or go for a gloss treatment for even more polished glam.

Polished Ocean Waves..Ocean waves somewhat like Beachy Waves, but the waves are a lot bigger and more polished. Use a sea salt spray before curling your hair with a big barrel. Apply a styling mousse on the roots prior to styling for a root lift 

Selena and Megan's glam side curls, its such a sexy look and perfect for strapless or spaghetti straps...Always use bobby pins and a soft hold hair spray for a glamorous finish. 

Add a festive Blair Waldorf touch, with a sexy headband, it keeps hair in place, while adding accessories to your ensemble.

Messy Bun's are a great way to show off your killer backside and traps, so if you're going backless, opt for this gorgeous messy bun. Make sure to pre curl your hair to add texture.

For a sexy pony tail, make sure to add a little volume, and smooth away fly away for a polished pressed look, Add a few clip ons to really sass it up. You can do this messy too, make sure to hair spray and shine spray, use a root lift and tease the top ;)