Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Model Spotlight: Isabeli Fontana

The minute I laid my eyes on the stunning Isabeli Fontana on the Victoria's Secret runway, I knew I had to find out her name. This brazillian Bombshell is a sexy v.s angel, but for some odd reason not their official spokesangel. With a killer bod, brunette locks, piercing eyes, and fantastic smile, i know Isabeli isn't doing bad in the modeling world.

This woman has had kids! YES she has two sons. Can you believe that? shes such a hottie, and she looks absolutely mesmerizing in lingerie.

We know Isabeli lands herself in a little trouble, from 2 divorces and allegedly breaking up Rohan Marley and his ex to Getting V.S in trouble for featuring her in the catalogue when she was just 16. I guess V.S couldn't wait for the world to lay eyes on her either.

Isabeli Fontana 

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Watch the videos below to see some Sweet Isabeli Fontana action