Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad Girls Club All Star Spoilers *ep1-5*

"Keep Your Friends and Your Enemies Closer" - May 21, 2013
14 Bad Girls come together to battle for $100,000 with Ray J hosting. Who will be crowned the winner and "Baddest Bad Girl" of all time? Meanwhile, an instant rivalry between Mehgan and Natalie turns ugly at elimination, especially on Natalie's part.

"A Snake in the Maze" - May 28, 2013
Natalie and Mehgan's physical fight at the previous elimination causes a rift among the girls. Strategies are tested as the girls take on a challenge completely in a maze.

"Secrets and Lies" - June 4, 2013
Natalie, Flo and Amber form an early alliance, while squealing pigs and Velcro are the focal point of this week's challenge. Friendships between teammates quickly crumble after ugly truths are revealed.

"A Nat in a Rumble" - June 11, 2013
An alliance full of backstabbing turns former friends into a war zone. Meanwhile, a recent controversial elimination causes house target Natalie's secrets to be revealed which results in a hair pulling fallout between her and former housemate, Flo, and a brutal knock down drag out fight from Nastasia which will make one girl think twice before she ever throws a shoe at another bad girl.

"An eye and for an eye" - June 18, 2013
In continuation from ongoing drama, several new unexpected alliances are formed and quickly tested. Julie devises a plan with Judi, Gabi and Dani to get revenge on a particular bad girl as the girls compete in a triathlon style mission.