Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Bag Essentials

Hey its almost beach weather here in Canada, and I'm super duper excited to hit the beach in teeny tiny bikinis, fab hair and golden tan.

So I wanted to put together a list of my Beach bag Essentials!

SUNSCREEN! you can leave EVERY other item at home except this, you SHOULDNT EVER leave the house without sun screen, but your beach bag should have lots.

If you're going to hit the beach, make sure you pack your sexiest most flattering Bikini in the bag, you're going to be at the beach, not a Friends Pool.  Don't forget a cover up :D

Accessories! I think it's safe to say some beach friendly accessories make you look more glam and give your swimsuit a touch of individuality. So pack in your cute flip flops, and a sexy belly ring or a body chain. Even a necklace is sexy!
Avoid the uneven skin by tanning yourself a few days in advance. I suggest a sexy spray tan or a self-tanner, because SUN BEDS ARE NOT SEXY! This will hide embarrassing uneven skin, and give you a sexy bronzed skin.

Unless you wanna air dry and be cold, don't forget your beach towel.
You're going to be squinting all day girlies, don't leave your glasses at home.

You're surrounded by water but you need your own bottle of clean fresh water, maybe with even a little swish of Lemon. You need to stay hydrated, and refresh yourself with delicious lemon water.
Avoid the makeup and carrying tons and tons of products, go with a tinted moisturizer, waterproof liner and mascara, blush/lip stain. * a little powder if you are oily*