Sunday, October 21, 2012

BGC9 Rima VS Kat Stacks Beef

Bad Girls Club's Algerian Hottie Rima Mellal is known for her crazy antics and trouble maker status, but even Rima knows that she should never be the first one to start shit. She's more of the "finisher"! 
But Rima's took a jab at troubled video model and self-proclaimed prostitute Kat Stacks. 
 Although Kat has given every rapper she messed with or claimed to have messed with a reason to hate on her, Rima has absolutely no reason. 

So was Rima just having fun and just joking around, or was she serious?

I recently found her video and tweeted it on twitter, and Miss Rimanelli herself retweeted the tweet.

I personally think Rima's just fooling around, she doesn't seem to be attacking Kat in a malicious way, just having some fun with this drunken pityful girl.

Watch the video and decide