Monday, October 15, 2012

makeup looks

I put together a bunch of makeup that you guys could get inspiration from. It's the simplest timeless looks, just altered slightly to give you ideas and a little extra boost to try these simple looks with twists.

So you can better see the looks!
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Beach Bunny rejoice!
apply some waterproof liner with shadow *winged* and apply a matte white shadow on lower lashline with tons of waterproof mascara. Finish with a self-tanner on the cheeks and sexy pink lips like NYX MATTE CREAM in SAN PAULO mixed with some berry colored lipstick.

Amp up your everyday smokey eye, with orange blush and some rose colored lips!
Try Rimmell ASIA lipstick. with MATTE gun metal grey in the inner corners of your eye instead of silver, and some NAVY (not blue) mascara and navy liner on the top waterline

Skip the red lips and get fall ready with these berry colored lips, top with some berry lip gloss. Stick to a Taupe neutral smokey eye, with greys instead of darkbrowns and blacks.

Contour your cheeks to perfection, try a matte strawberry pink lipstick. Use a Champagne colored shadow (preferably MATTE) with rose pinks on the outter corner. skip the dramatic liner and opt for thin line as close to your lashes as possible. and lash defining mascara.

add a twist to your neutral smokey eye by adding a copper pencil like NYX bronze on the lower lash line and coppering shadow on the lid.

Use a Matte shadow thats 2-3 shades lighter than your skin, and a white liner on your lower waterline. tight line with some black liner and load on the mascara. Go for a sweet pink cheeks and berry lipstick